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Thank you for being here and I hope to meet you soon!
My name is Kari Reyes, and I am the owner and lead planner of Notably Yours Events, LLC.
I moved to TX from Mississippi in 2013 and this is where I now call home with my cat that I adopted, Meeko. 
I believe in community, endless kindness, & cucumber martinis with extra tajin.  
When I am not planning weddings, I love to go for walks, cook fun meals, watch Christmas movies and read a good book. 



Be Kind, Be Love

Sonia Alexandria Photo | The Lumen Room | Lilly Bridal Artistry 

Weddings are traditionally stressful. Many cooks in the kitchen at all times and we are here to balance this. It can seem impossible to make everyone happy and your thoughts can become blurry. We want everyone to feel heard, but we want our couples voice to be the loudest. 
You can keep all traditions and collaborate your families with your fiancees traditions to blossom the beautiful traditions. 
I cannot promise to remove every ounce of stress but I can promise I will keep your vision as my focus and I will be your biggest cheerleader through your planning process and on wedding day. Weddings are stressful enough, let's have fun! 



I am the youngest of five girls, so as you may imagine there is a natural competitive level to which then flows into my everyday life to excel in all that I do. My sisters and parents are each talented and accomplished people and I find that I gained much inspiration from them. I grew up playing sports my entire life and I feel this helped mold me into always being a team player and always wanting to achieve more. 

I am an Enneagram 8, direct, goal achiever, creative woman.  I assure you I hurt my own feelings more than anyone else. I take pride in the weddings I have coordinated, found solutions for, and always having two back up plans ready for any situation. 

My experience began in 2014 in fine dining then I transitioned into to a venue coordinator position. Once I felt I gained what I could, I worked at the Houston Zoo in catering then a bridal shop. I usually  worked multiple jobs at once, concerned at one time if my twenties would be missed and I am very happy I worked as much as I did and gained the experience that I did. I joined the planning world again in 2018 and have been here, happily, since. 

Notably Yours is a company where we make the most memorable moments come to life, while showing personality from our couples. We are very careful with whom we select to be placed on our vendor preferred list and as we hold ourselves to high standards, we feel professional vendors should also hold themselves to a high standard that offers couples remarkable service.

This is your day and we believe in that. 

Our services assist in coordinating the last couple of months up to budget assistance, design, to attending all vendor meetings with you. This is where we can assist in sharing your likes and dislikes to the vendors to help direct the path of what is needed. We are proud of the relationships we have with vendors, venues, and we love connecting with new people. Our healthy relationships with vendors are what help host an unforgettable wedding. We cannot do this alone, and we understand that. This is why we firmly believe in teamwork and communication. 


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