Let's Make Your Dreams Come to Life

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More About Notably Yours,

Notably Yours Events began in September of 2016 and has enjoyed each moment of serving our couples.We have joyfully worked with over 200 couples to bring their special day to life. 

Notably Yours Events is a planning and design company that holds professional,

certified, and experienced wedding planners. We are here to make your planning easier, while you get to enjoy your engagement and let us help you plan a wedding, the best way.

Weddings are stressful enough, let us help make it fun and memorable!

We believe all people should be loved, and to experience their wedding day with

only kindness, excitement, and joy. Notably Yours has experience in cultural, religious, themed, and traditional weddings and are eager to work with anyone whom wants to work with us! 

We are a work | life balance team, and as we give you our all; family and personal time

are important to us to help us refill our cups.  We offer a free one-hour consultation to gather important information and will hold your date for one week and will match you with your planner. We are commonly booked between six - nine months from your wedding day and highly encourage this time frame to ensure you receive the most benefit from a wedding planner! We hope to meet you soon!


Q: What kinds of weddings do you have experience in? 

A: We have experience and continue to welcome all weddings. This is not limited to any cultural weddings from Jewish, South Asian, North / South American, and Eastern Europe. If there is a style newer to us we are welcome to learning and studying more. 

Q: Do you work with same sex couples? 

A: YES! We believe love wins and always want to be apart of your love story! 

Q: When do you begin your services? 

A: We do not accept weddings under (3) months. This is to ensure we can efficiently plan your wedding in the time it requires. We do not work under the terms of "day of" or "month of" coordinating as this offers false details for couples.  


Q: Where do you work for weddings? 

A: We can work anywhere. The most beneficial task of being a wedding planner is to adapt and learn new surroundings. We are open to traveling and working with new venues! 

Q: How Many weddings do you book per year? 

A: This will always vary on the type of events, however we do our best to not have over (30-35) per planner.


Q: Do you have months or weeks that you do not book events? 

A; Yes. To ensure our team has time with their families we do not book the week of Thanksgiving nor Christmas. The hottest months are also our slower season and we book limited events.